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WELCOME to one of the most amazing valleys in the world!

Town Bovec

Soča River

Kanin mountain

Skydive Bovec 

Čezsoča town

Skydive Bovec

Skydive Bovec is a brand from company Aviofun d.o.o. it originated in 2017 when Aviofun d.o.o. first took over Airport Bovec. 

Skydive Bovec now represents a beautiful dropzone, with its great team it aims for giving the tourists and skydivers the unforgettable experience and a lifetime memory. 

Skydive Bovec is undoubtedly the finest skydiving resort/dropzone in Slovenia. Resort atmosphere and great facilities. Come see the fun and excitement at Skydive Bovec - Slovenia #1 Skydiving Center.

The Drop Zone is located in the Bovec Basin between Bovec and the Soča River also called "The Emerald beauty" and surrounded by mountains reaching up to 8500ft/2600m.

Come and enjoy the stunning views of the alps and the Soča river from above. Everyone at Skydive Bovec thanks you for your interest in skydiving in Bovec

Soča River & Valley

The “Emerald” Soča is a remarkably beautiful river valley with its source in the heart of the Triglav National Park and running down to the Italian Adriatic. The upper stretch of the valley runs through the beautiful Julian Alps and is a magnet for adventure sports lovers – offering a dizzying abundance of river activities (raftingkayakingcanyoning) and mountain activities.

Undoubtedly one of Slovenia's most beautiful sights and perhaps one of Europe's most beautiful rivers, the colour of the Soča is what will first impress - an often shocking turquiose that makes you think there must be a chemical factory up river, but in fact is entirely natural and caused by the limestone in the river. Following the river downstream takes you past most of the region's main points of interest - running from its source high in the Trenta Valley, via Bovec, past Kobarid to Tolmin, Most na Soči, then onto to Kanal and into Italy where it becomes the Isonzo river and empties into the Italian Adriatic. The Soča is a mecca for watersports and is home to Slovenia's best kayaking and rafting - with sections suitable for beginners to very advanced levels alike. Fishermen also flock to the Soča for some of Europe's best trout fishing. The river and surrounding nature is superbly unspoilt especially along its upper course and as such it is one of the Slovenian Government's main focuses for nature preservation and development of responsible tourism.


Skydive Bovec is located only 5 min walk from the Bovec town on airport Bovec. Behind the hangar is a parking place for your car. Inside the hangar there is a small container called ''manifest'', come by there and you will get all the info. 

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